What We Do

Q provides customer intelligence tools to help business teams answer more of their own questions with data, collaborate with peers around insights, and ease the burden on central IT teams.


Your Data Silos


Your Next Gen CRM Database


Who Your Customers Are


More Personal, Timely and Relevant

Where do we start?

We’ll evaluate the systems and tools where your company collects customer data.  We will integrate with your existing databases and supplement through our API connectors into your other tools.

Next, our tools quickly import, unify and de-dupe this data to build 360 degree customer profiles that will continually update in real-time.

If you switch any platforms or tools, no data gets lost, we’ll just plug in the new system.

All data are kept highly secure in Amazon Web Services.

Now that our customer data are unified, what can our team do with it?

Q offers advanced, flexible segmentation tools, but it requires no SQL or programming skills to operate.

Marketing and analytics team members can combine any number of variables from your unified data to build customer segments and see a broad range of metrics on every segment.  Combine lifetime value and support tickets.  Combine demographic data and email click rate.  Create segments on highly specific product attributes. Combine “did purchase X” with “did not purchase Y.” All across multiple date ranges.

All of this segment creation and customer querying is usable by anyone on your team, no technical skills needed (think Kayak for customer data).

What can we do with segments once we've created them?

Export these newly created segments to your email tool for targeted campaigns.

Upload them for social advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Send them to your ad agency or catalog marketing firm to target digital ads and direct mail.

All exports can be set up to run on an automated schedule, and we can tailor the workflow for your needs.

Is the Q segmenting platform just for marketing campaigns?

No, in our Insight Center, users can build a wide range of their own queries to look at different groups of people.  Then, we provide many metrics and trends on each, and we can customize the metric KPIs for your team and business for you to compare across customer types and behaviors.

We have users answering a broad range of questions about their business, prospects and customers.  Users from product development, merchandising, sales, store development, and more.  Building reports from the data is easy, collaborative and revolves around the questions you are exploring and the takeaways you are seeing in the data.  These reports make meetings more productive and engaging.

What about data science?

We offer several data science modules as add ons to the platform to provide deeper insights into your customers.

Using your unified data, we can perform standard RFM analysis, divide your customers into clusters or personas, identify product correlations, perform touchpoint/journey analysis, and more.

These data driven insights integrate into the segmentation platform to provide more options for creating targeted segments for multichannel marketing.

Since you connect to all my data, do you provide an analytics dashboard?

We offer highly customizable dashboards to allow you to track segment performance going forward after we have helped you identify the right ones to target.  We’ll work with you to develop this actionable dashboard, perfect for weekly marketing meetings, and sharing across your organization.

What are the pricing and plan options?

We love to start with a pilot.  We’ll work with you to assess your customer data, enhancement opportunities, baseline your customer behavior, patterns and segments, and then set up our platform to track the ROI as you put better intelligence into practice.

Our pricing depends on number of customers, integrations and amount of customization.  Customization costs depend on number of data integrations, data science modules, dashboard needs, and workflow requirements.

We usually start simple with our clients and expand the product over time as they integrate Q into their marketing process and see the impact on ROI and customer experience with a modern intelligence hub.