About Us


We help you use data to tell stories and describe journeys.

We’ve built a company with deep experience in analytics, E-commerce, CRM, marketing, and big data to help our clients improve customer experience, retention, and acquisition through better intelligence.

Our Roots

We bring together decades of experience in analytics, big data technology, cloud infrastructure, CRM, digital marketing, customer strategy, and experience from companies such as Etsy.com, AOL, Discovery Communications, Morgan Stanley, and more.

Our Vision

Consumers now demand that all the data companies have been collecting is put to good use by personalizing their experience.  Q was started to help forward-thinking companies excel in the transformation of the relationships with their customers.

Our Focus

It starts with an intense focus on sound data integrations and data models so our clients build robust and trusted customer profiles no matter which tools and systems they use.  From there, our platform is designed to turn connected data into insight and action.

We’d Love To Help.

Our consulting practice is flexible enough to support short term and long term projects and big and small budgets.

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