Our platform helps business users answer more questions about their customers on their own.

Data Discovery

More than just visualization, simple but powerful query building for those who want to explore.


Workspace for collaborative Q&A, report building, and sharing customer insights to improve ideation across teams.

List Building

Build customer lists and an automated workflow to export them to existing execution tools.

Q Insight Center

Point and click query builder with powerful visualizations allows all data-hungry team members, from the C-suite on down, to easily explore segments, patterns and behaviors to answer questions on their own about your customers.

Q List Building & Automation

Easily build lists of customers and prospects and schedule recurring exports to all your marketing and advertising systems including email, digital ad platforms, direct mail, CRM and sales systems, and many more.

Q Collaboration

A central workspace for employees within teams and across departments to share insights, questions and key metrics to improve understanding of changing trends and ideation around how to respond.

Q Segment Dashboards

Create dashboards for each customer segment, cohort or sales and marketing channel and choose which key performance metrics you want to follow on each to measure lift vs. previous periods.

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