Mobile Commerce Within Your Retail Channel Strategy

Mobile Commerce Within Your Retail Channel Strategy

The gap in sales between mobile commerce and desktop commerce is closing. Mobile commerce sales are growing fast and will soon represent the biggest sales channel for all retailers. Therefore, retail marketers need to focus on providing their customers with a mobile retail experience that compels consumers to shop on their mobile devices. So how do you build a mobile commerce strategy that leads to a successful mobile commerce retail site?

Well, Kristine Lasam, founder of the digital marketing agency Pink Entropy, doesn’t think your mobile commerce strategy should be created in a silo. This is a quote from an interview she did with Customer Think:

“Mobile is the future of eCommerce, but it’s important to remember that customers don’t think in terms of channels. It can be mobile, desktop or in-store, but to them it’s just shopping. Mobile should be part of a more comprehensive strategy—founded on the consumer’s lifestyle, the context of their behavior at the time they engage, and the utilities that allow us to be immediate so we are always top of mind. Loyalty and advocacy are created through utility—it’s the frequency of how many times within the average 150x a person picks up the phone are we considered, or chosen as a venue, product or service.”

Your brand’s strategy should be unified throughout your different channels. However, the key differences in the way your customers experience your brand are based on the way they interact with the different devices on which they shop. People interact with a smartphone much differently than with a computer and much differently than with a tablet. As a retail marketer, you need to take those difference in account and build out a website that works seamlessly on the different screens your customers shop on, but also seamlessly within your unified channel strategy.

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