Omnichannel for a Good Cause

Omnichannel for a Good Cause

I think we have all been here as humans: A cashier finishes scanning all the goods we want to buy. She then asks, “Would you like to donate $1 to [cause]?” Some of us truly care about that cause, so we donate. Some of us see our subtotal and think, “what’s one extra dollar?” and donate. Others of us feel guilty and donate. But, a lot of us for whatever reason do not donate that extra dollar.

Well, one retailer wants to change that. They want to use their many retail and marketing channels to try to fight hunger:

“Walmart is partnering with five suppliers to launch an omnichannel fundraising initiative that is sure to appeal to many of its shoppers.

The retailer is launching its ‘Fight Hunger. Spark Change.’ campaign to raise money to fight hunger. Walmart, working with five suppliers representing some of the nation’s leading food companies, will offer three ways for shoppers to take action against hunger and help families in need.”

That quote is from this article by Retailing Today. In it, the author outlines Walmart’s initiative to fight hunger:

“Now through April 25, Walmart will offer the following ways to Fight Hunger and Spark Change:

  • Purchase: For every participating product purchased at Walmart between now April 25, the manufacturer will donate $0.09 to Feeding America – enough to secure one meal on behalf of local food banks.
  • Online Acts of Support: For each online act of support (Tweets, etc.), Walmart will donate enough to help Feeding America secure 10 meals (an equivalent of 90 cents) on behalf of member food banks, up to $1.5 million.
  • Donate at the Register: Donate to local Feeding America food banks at the register during checkout.”

Of course, this campaign will surely help Walmart’s business. However, this campaign sheds light on the opportunities that exist for retailers to gain brand affinity, gain customers, and also help fight a bigger problem in our society today.

Carrington Williams

Carrington is a co-founder at Q where he heads the product team. Before Q, he built the marketplace metrics and strategy and business development functions at

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