Build a Well Crafted Customizable Experience

Build a Well Crafted Customizable Experience

I found this article, which is titled, “Five Great Examples of Creative Commerce.” The five examples are as follows:

  1. NIKEiD: Nike’s shoe customization tool. You start with a base shoe and customize the colors to your liking.
  2. Build-a-Bear Workshop: Every Build-a-Bear store is a workshop where you can customize your own teddy bear.
  3. BlendBee: BlendBee’s website allows you to blend a custom mix of teas and order it to your home.
  4. Villy Custom: Build your own “bad ass custom bike” on Villy Custom’s website.
  5. FunkySofa: Customize your own sofa and get it delivered to you.

All of these examples are creative ways to sell products. But that’s not all. I hope you noticed my use of the word “custom” in all of the examples. Each of these commerce tools allows the user to personalize the product in a way that makes the customer happy. On top of that, they give the customer a fun interactive tool to personalize their new product.

Customization is automatically personal

Each of these experiences allows the brand’s customers to customize the products being sold. This automatically gives a personalized experience – your customers get exactly what they want. But what’s more is that these experiences are built so thoughtfully.

The key is in the craft

The idea to personalize products is smart in today’s retail environment. However, it is important to craft this experience purposefully. The experience you craft for your customers must be simple and fun to interact with. It also must be catered to your current customers and any future customers you hope to acquire through this new experience.

Use data to build this experience and gratify customers

Use all of the first party and third party data you have at your disposal to get to know your current customer and the customer you want to acquire. Ask the right questions and analyze the data to figure out how to craft this experience. Here are a few questions I would ask myself and the data:

  • How do my customers currently interact with my products and all of my retail channels?
  • How do customers of my competitors interact with those products and their retail channels?
  • Where should I build this experience? Do our customers and target customers prefer a desktop, mobile or a physical experience?

Ask the right questions, analyze the data and build a fun new interactive retail experience to sell more of your product.

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