Five Things to Understand About Today’s Online Shopper

Five Things to Understand About Today’s Online Shopper

According to this article by Forbes, “there are currently 191.1 million online shoppers in the United States – with more than $703 billion being spent on B2C ecommerce volume.”

If you are reading this, it’s likely you are a retailer that wants in on some of this money. Well, if you really want in, you should understand today’s online shopper. Luckily, the same Forbes article offers five things you should know about today’s online shopper:

1. Pre-Purchase Consumer Research

“81 percent of shoppers conduct online research prior to making a purchase.” If you aren’t offering your customers information to help influence their decision, you are missing out on a significant market opportunity.

2. Male vs. Female Preferences

The article offers several differences between male and female shoppers, which are important to understand. But, they key overarching point here is that you must be able to segment your customers and have a comprehensive understanding of the similarities and differences across each segment. If you don’t do this, you will be unable to offer each of your customers a personalized shopping experience?

3. Use of Multiple Devices

Omnichannel retail means not only that people can shop in-store and online, but they can shop from any device, anywhere. All marketers need to offer a unified customer experience across all of the devices a customer can shop.

4. Brick-and-Mortar Ecommerce Relationship

Showrooming is a problem, but it’s not a big problem for most retailers. But, even if it was, it’s possible to offer your customers a reason to buy right in store. Or, if you can offer your customers a seamless experience between online and offline buying options, they will be more likely to buy from another one of your retail channels.

5. Distinct Checkout Habits

Checkout should be seamless and transparent. Make it easy and don’t tack on any hidden fees during the checkout process.

Understand your customers, and it will be easier to market to them in the future.

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