Design the Ultimate Consumer Journey

Design the Ultimate Consumer Journey

Managing your consumer experience journey must be one of, if not the core tenet of your strategy as a retail marketer. It is no longer acceptable to to be reactive to the journey your customer takes to learn about, and hopefully buy, your product. As a retail marketer, you must be proactive about shaping the consumers’ path to purchase.

How do you shape a consumers’ path to purchase?

This article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) says the following:

“Companies building the most effective journeys master four interconnected capabilities: automation, proactive personalization, contextual interaction, and journey innovation.”

It’s important to realize, mastering these four capabilities requires a few key needs to be successful.

First, mastering the four capabilities requires a new employee. The HBR article quoted above suggests hiring a new position: The Journey Product Manager. This person reports to the Chief Experience Officer or the Chief Digital Officer and is “the journey’s economic and creative steward.”

Second, mastering the four capabilities requires creative design thinking. The Journey Product manager must be responsible for designing and experience that brings in new customers and creates brand loyalty among new and existing customers.

Finally, mastering the four capabilities requires the right technology. Technology is the backbone for designing the ultimate consumer journey. It’s important to use data you currently collect to design an experience that you know your customers will love.


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